The first book I’ve pre-ordered for quite a while. Looking forward to this.

I just stumbled upon a malapropism I’ve never seen before 😃

I can't help reading this internally with Mark from Peep Show's voice.

So, GDPR says you have to get positive consent from people before using their data for marketing? Just force them to check the box before being able to order pizza - simple!

Slightly unnerved by this van that parked outside my house today

I’d imagine in most cases it’s not via a large red square icon titled “PORN”

"Hi Phill", the members of the Model Railway Club Facebook group chorused.

I converted my main server at home to run on RAID in case one disk fails. I'd say it was easy after reading, but it'd be more accurate to say it was easy after reading that guide and also having 10+ years of Linux system administration experience 😄

Every time I read a typo like “rouge SSH access” I think of like a French Revolution era lady logging in to a server

The dedication to use of the apostrophe is impressive.

some people freak out when there's no gluten-free option at a restaurant, meanwhile my local Asian supermarket is out here like:

“want us to make up an awful pun to go with your yoga studio name on the sign?”
“nah we’re good thanks”

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