I’d imagine in most cases it’s not via a large red square icon titled “PORN”

"Hi Phill", the members of the Model Railway Club Facebook group chorused.

I converted my main server at home to run on RAID in case one disk fails. I'd say it was easy after reading raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php, but it'd be more accurate to say it was easy after reading that guide and also having 10+ years of Linux system administration experience 😄

Every time I read a typo like “rouge SSH access” I think of like a French Revolution era lady logging in to a server

some people freak out when there's no gluten-free option at a restaurant, meanwhile my local Asian supermarket is out here like:

“Ol’ Stubby”, a kitchen knife at my parents’ house. every year I come back to visit and it’s gotten shorter. “its still useful for cutting ginger root” sc.sigmaris.info/media/5r-6mC6


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